Hello girls!

How are you?

Today we would like to talk to you about why Alenia is a question that in the end we do not usually ask ourselves when buying a garment, and we believe that it is a very important question to ask yourself, in this way you will value your garment more , since you will be curious about its history, to know what inspired its designer, the reason for those prints, the quality of the fabrics...

In the end, when you go shopping, you want to live an experience, and that, girls, is what you live when you buy an Alenia garment.

So today we are going to give you the reasons, in the plural, since there are several, why Alenia will be your favorite brand.

To begin, we are going to highlight the designs, they are unique and very special, it is very easy to identify Alenia 's garments when you see them on the street, since they are exclusive and also have a very sophisticated touch, they are very feminine and very elegant.

Of course, you will not see them constantly, since they are limited and exclusive units, and that girls, is a plus, since there is nothing worse than matching the same dress at an event.

The fabrics are wonderful, we work with national suppliers and with the best qualities on the market. From the beginning, Alenia has always sought quality, elegance and femininity.

And one of the reasons why we feel most proud is to promote our "Slowfashion" philosophy. In this fashion movement, our entire Alenia team is aware of the impact that fashion generates on other people and on the environment.

Just as consumer behavior is very important, we always emphasize and ask if you prefer a lot of clothes and that they last a little or a few clothes and that they last a lifetime... Alenia's designs are for life, and that's wonderful .

But this is not all, Alenia is 100% made in Spain, specifically in Galicia, and it has its women's workshop, which are wonderful.

And now we are going to start giving you the facilities that Alenia gives you when buying one of her designs…

We start with their Ateliers , located in Madrid and Coruña, both spaces are precious and very special, and there you can find whatever you want from their collection, the attention is spectacular and it is quite an experience.

If both cities are far away or you don't have time, you can always order it online, their shipments are free in the Peninsula, and they have an express mail service, and if you're not in such a hurry, it takes between 2-4 business days, and if you need Making a size change is free, just like if you want to return your purchase, they will refund your money.

Alenia always wants to give facilities to her clients, and service is very important, for us it is very important that you feel comfortable, beautiful and happy wearing Alenia's designs.

After learning a little more about Alenia, do you already know what design to choose for your next event or date with friends?

We are waiting for you as always in our Atelier in Madrid or Coruña by appointment, we will be happy to assist you and find your perfect look.

See you next week girls!