Hello girls!

How is your summer going? We hope you are enjoying it a lot.

Today we bring you a post about one of the accessories that gives us the most war when it comes to choosing them, the earrings!

At Alenia we well know that good accessories can always change the look, you can go from a wedding or special event look to a much more casual outfit through these accessories.

They are those final notes, to which we do not give the attention they deserve... but which are very important, the earrings will be in charge of enhancing our wardrobe , our hairstyle and of course, our style .

At Alenia we always remember that earrings have to be in keeping with your personal style, that you should let yourself be guided by your tastes and choose the ones that best match.

Today we are going to give you some ideas for earrings according to the necklines of the Alenia designs.

V-necklines are very common, and surely you have a large number of garments with this silhouette in your closet.

In Alenia's collections, we also find many designs with a V-neckline. Since its beginnings, its designer has always opted for this style, such as the Giulia, Donatella, Isabella dress, Graziella and Sofia as a whole...

The earrings that most favor this type of neckline are those that are thin and long, which go in the same direction as the neckline without downplaying it.

Our dresses are full of color and at Alenia we like you to take risks, so we will always encourage you to add color through earrings.

The Halter neck is a design that is very different from Alenia's designs, these necks greatly stylize the upper part and usually leave the back more exposed, this design feels great with a low pick-up or ponytail, and always when it comes to earrings we recommend something discreet, elegant and minimal, leaving the area of ​​the face and neck clear, thus providing a lot of light.

And we finish this Alenia post, with the classic neck, the round neck, box neck… What do you usually call it?

For this type of neck, the star jewels are those of a lifetime, earrings with a few different notes, which give a more sophisticated touch, geometric shapes, and even more bohemian earrings with which you can link office days, with after-work afternoons.

Do you like to take risks when choosing your earrings?

If so or not, we would love to know your opinion, in this way and by sharing tips with each other we can learn many other ways and means to complete our looks.

We remind you that you can always come to visit us at our atelier by appointment, both in Madrid and in Coruña, we will be happy to show you our most exclusive designs, and now our MaruXa collection has up to 30% discount on its garments.

We wait for you!

Thank you very much for reading us!