Hello girls!

Today we would like to talk to you about Alenia's philosophy , as we have said many times, Alenia is a 100% Spanish fashion brand dedicated exclusively to women.

It was founded in 2018, and one of the fundamental values ​​that its founder and designer of Alenia wanted, is that both its designs and its suppliers and production... be local.

Currently and more and more, we hear the word slowfashion , slow fashion, and although it is a trend lately, Alenia wanted to carry this philosophy from its beginnings, slowfashion encompasses the way of thinking, doing and consuming fashion in a conscious and intentional way, Alenia cares all production processes, seeking to ensure the quality of each garment created so that they are durable and sustainable over time.

When its designer began this adventure, she was looking for people who only wanted to be up to date, if not unique, special designs, so that her client could see what is behind each of the Alenia garments that are cared for with such care.

Alenia 's dresses, sets, skirts, tops... conquer not only because they are exclusive garments and have unique prints, but also because of their history, all of Alenia 's processes are respectful of the environment, and this information is very important, not only because of the valuable action that Alenia carries out, but also because they conquer those people who seek to have a perfect wardrobe with quality garments.

When our clients come to the workshop, they are always surprised to learn about our history, since we are used to fast fashion, where the quality of the garments is practically non-existent, there is no exclusivity and even on many occasions its cost is high for what it is. that is, the opposite happens in Alenia as we have indicated previously.

For us it is very special to carry the slowfashion philosophy as our flag, since it makes us tremendously happy to collaborate for a better future, and also to give the exclusivity that our clients deserve. As its designer, Alejandra, said in its beginnings, Alenia seeks to represent a current girl, who seeks quality, design and to be different ", Alenia's designs will always find a way to say who we are, without having to verbalize it"

We hope that you will be encouraged to visit us after getting to know Alenia a little more, we always advise that less is more, and getting a good wardrobe is the best we can have.

If you want to visit us, we will be happy to receive you in our atelier by appointment, you can find us in Madrid and Coruña.

We wait for you!

Happy week