How are you?

Last weeks we already talked about some protocols that must be followed at weddings or special events... and this week we are going to talk about long party dresses.

It is true that these types of dresses are quite a challenge for the guests, since we are not so used to wearing them, or you always have to take a little from the bottom part, even if you cannot see the shoes, you must choose the right one for the length of the dress… and many more stories.

At Alenia we have a wide range of long dresses , with and without prints, and each one more special... for us the most important thing is always that our girl Alenia feels comfortable and safe with it.

In addition, Alenia always gives exclusivity to her designs, since production is limited, so our guests know for sure that they will not wear the same dress at the event.

One of our latest long dress designs is the Marta Long Dress , it belongs to the Maruxa collection , a very special collection from our designer, the union of pink and blue creates a most sophisticated and elegant look, we always encourage you to take a risk with the Alenia prints, because really, they are very flattering!

Its neckline ends in a V, and it has a draped belt to highlight the waist, its fabric is very cool and it is lined on the inside, it is ideal for the temperature it is doing now.

What do you think? Would you dare with the Marta dress ?

Another of the dresses that you wear the most is the Donatella dress , specifically the one in green tones, its color stands out and gives a lot of light to the face and whenever you try them on at the Atelier de Alenia you want to wear it... and we don't strange!

With it you feel the color and energy it transmits, it makes you feel comfortable and elegant, perfect to be the ideal guest. Its neckline, the draped belt and the flare of the skirt make it the most distinguished dress.

Do you know what it is? If you don't know, we leave you an image of him, and we warn you that we have very few units left!

And to end today's post, we are going to talk about the Patricia dress, a dress with a unique, abstract print, with colour... and a halter neck, Alenia is very committed to this type of neck, and she is never wrong, it feels ideal and stands out and stylizes a lot of shoulders, it is the perfect pattern to be comfortable and feel gorgeous.

The long Patricia dress is synonymous with elegance and simplicity, it also has a belt detail to mark the waist and the flare of the fabric will make you feel comfortable at all times.

After this selection of long dresses from Alenia , would you dare to go to the night party with them?

They seem like the perfect option to us, and we wouldn't know which one to choose, because we all like them too much!

On the Alenia website you can find many more unique and special long dresses, and if you prefer to go physically to try on the clothes, we will be happy to assist you in our Atelier in Madrid or Coruña, we will be delighted to assist you and show you all our long dresses.

Thank you very much for taking a little bit of your time to read our blog.

Until next Tuesday!