Hello girls!

The other day, thinking about what to write on Alenia 's blog, I remembered that she had not yet written about beauty products, and it is a subject that fascinates me, since I love everything that has to do with makeup and cosmetics. …

So I started to think about which are those top products that are never missing in my vanity bag, and I found a few.

To begin with, before putting on makeup you always have to clean and prepare the skin, for me it is the most important step in the entire routine, once the face is washed and ready, my first essential is the Marti Derm flash ampoules, they are a Immediate anti-fatigue formula, which conceals wrinkles and blemishes, and instantly leaves dazzling skin, with which you quickly get a feeling of a good face, and makes makeup last much longer.

One of my favorite bases is the MAC Face and body , it is a very natural makeup base, very moldable and for me, something very important, very light, it blends perfectly and your skin feels very hydrated with it.

In addition, by giving you a couple of layers on the face, it covers perfectly for special days.

My third is the legendary Terracotta bronzing powder, which in no time, provides a light and very natural tan. It always goes with me wherever I go, and if there's a quick moment I don't want to apply foundation, I always apply it alone and it gives me the shade I want.

To complement and plump up my face, I'm a big fan of Milk Makeup Lip and Cheek, it's a moisturizing color bar for lips and cheeks. It is very easy to apply, can be layered and blended easily.

And last and another of the most important is the mascara, a classic for me, the classic Lancôme Hypnose Drama, this mascara is special, it always comes with me, I have changed many times, but I have always returned to it... its brush It has the ideal curvature to achieve a spectacular result with a single layer, with it you get the false eyelash effect in no time.

Occasionally, I carry a fixative in my cosmetic bag, one of my favorites is the Urban Decay All Nighter fixing spray, I usually carry the 30 ml, and it's amazing, since it sets the makeup and you forget about having to touch up throughout the day. day.

And these would be my basics that always come with me, although I don't always use them all, depending on the occasion, each one has its moment hehe

I hope you liked this type of content very much, and it helps you decide if you have some of these products on your wishlist.

We wish you a happy week

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