Hello girls!

How are you?

Today we come to talk about a topic that we love, manicures, for the guest look to be perfect, manicures are essential.

Although it may seem absurd, when we want to go elegant to a celebration, we always have to choose the right dress, shoes, makeup and also nail polish .

Choosing the color of your manicure before an event is quite a challenge, especially when you like to take risks with them and you don't always go for classic shades like nudes, so deciding on a color is quite an adventure.

From Alenia , today we want to motivate you to take risks with them, and you should know that even if there is no "dress code" for your manicure, we have some tips so you can decide quickly.

The first thing to take into account is the look that you are going to wear, you know that at Alenia we have beautiful prints with unique color combinations and also monocolor designs, so we invite you if you have a special event soon, to visit us at our Atelier by appointment or on our website you will also find all our designs.

Once we have our dress, we choose the accessories and that's where the manicure moment comes in, we must ask ourselves a question before choosing our nail polish, is the event day or night? what season of the year is it?

For night weddings, the guests always tend to bet on reddish, burgundy tones... timeless tones that combine with everything.

Metallic colors are also ideal for these occasions if your guest look is in neutral colors such as navy blue or beige, with these tones you will give it a more special and modern touch.

On the other hand, for weddings of days, we always encourage ourselves to risk a little more with bright tones, such as pinks, corals, purples, they are tones that will attract attention and create a much more sophisticated look.

Another option is to choose your manicure according to your outfit and that it matches perfectly, the key is that your nails contrast with the color you are wearing and even more so if it is monocolor, on the other hand if your outfit is more striking and has more than one color , the ideal is to wear a more neutral tone.

And as a final tip, we cannot forget makeup, it is always a good option for your manicure to coordinate with the color that stands out the most in your makeup, be it lips or eyes, so you will achieve another beautiful harmony.

At Alenia we believe that small details change everything, which is why beautiful hands for a special day will undoubtedly make a difference.

We say goodbye until next week

Thank you very much for reading us!