Hello girls!

We are already in September, how have your holidays been?

We have returned to the atelier this week, we are happy to show you our designs again and to meet you ☺️

Today we are here to talk to you and give you ideas of what to give your guests on the big day, it is a very personal topic and what is always sought is how to surprise the guests.

When saying that it is something personal, it is because it has to be a detail with which the couple feel identified, from Alenia we always encourage you to take risks in the small details and thus make a difference, an important factor is that they are details of original and useful wedding, so that they want to use it.

So pay attention to the gifts for wedding guests that we show you today, which we are sure will not be forgotten in a drawer.

Gin Tonic Ecological Gelle, we think it is a very original gift with which to surprise all our attendees, they are gels with exclusive flavors, which have a European organic certificate, their manufacture is handmade and they are recommended to taste with cheeses. It seems to us the most!

You can find them on the Miranda Green website, you will also find other very special organic products with which to surprise...

Another gift that we think is ideal for them are the personalized handkerchiefs from Tramo By Mariate, there are a thousand ways to personalize your TramoWedding's ; predetermined scarves with special phrases, designs to which you can add your initials, names, date, etc. until you reach the full customization option.

You will also find the option of scrunchies, perfect so that they can be worn every day and so they can remember your guests that special day.

One of the options to give to your guests is that typical product of the area where the wedding is celebrated.

Although they are more traditional and common gifts, it seems to us an ideal detail, as long as the packaging is made with great care, a good olive oil will be well received by all the guests, especially if the banquet takes place in an olive farm or if it is a family oil.

Jam or honey are also a good option, since the guests will remember your wedding during their breakfasts.

And to finish, a very original idea that we have loved, personalized tableware, with the design that most represents you, so that your guests can use it in their appetizers.

We hope you like these gift ideas for the big day as much as we do, we love helping you with your preparations.

We are waiting for you in our atelier by appointment!

Thanks for always reading us. 💜