Hello girls!

Doesn't it happen to you that you feel that time goes by very quickly? Not long ago it was summer and now and autumn is coming…

We hope that the return from the holidays is being pleasant and that you are with your batteries charged for the upcoming events that are coming this season.

Today on Alenia's blog we bring you different proposals for autumn events, the return of summer is usually one of the favorite moments for the couple to say yes, but for the guests, choosing the look will depend a lot on the temperature that make…

As you know, the Alenia collections differ from the rest because of how versatile they are, you can find dresses, jacket suits, blouse and skirt sets, and we even play with fabrics and textures, since you will find designs with sleeves, but not They are lined, so they are not very hot.

The quality of the fabrics that Alenia uses for her designs, her patterns that feel great and are produced in Galicia, will make you not regret being an Alenia Girl.

We leave you some ideal looks for the next season, you are going to love them!

The Chiara dress is the ideal dress to be comfortable, elegant and feel beautiful, the pattern of brushstrokes designed by hand will not leave anyone indifferent.

Its cut is midi and it has French sleeves, as we had indicated before, its sleeves are not lined, so it is perfect for the beginning of autumn.

Its fabric has a very pleasant texture and the body has an internal lining. The delicacy of the fabric and the shape of the dress make it essential for any wardrobe.

Another of the designs that we are completely in love with is the Carlota set, the print is most appropriate, inspired by the forests of Galicia, the place of origin of the designer from Alenia, without a doubt, looking at it you can transport yourself and breathe fresh air, Ideal for daring guests who do not want to go unnoticed, the halter neck top will highlight by slimming the neck and shoulders, and the midi-cut pencil skirt will complete the ideal look with which you will not stop dancing all night.

If it is a bit cool on the day of the event, we always recommend our guests to wear a shawl, so you will also give it a more elegant touch. For our Carlota set, we recommend a solid tone, so that it does not take away from the wonderful print. what's wrong with it.

And to end today's blog entry, we leave you with one of our favorites, the Dalia midi dress, how we like it! She has us in love, whenever you come to our atelier with a fixed idea, we encourage you to try it, and always you love it

The print is incredibly beautiful, it transmits a light to you with its white background and its pink, yellow, purple tones...

And just like the Carlota, it greatly slims the neck and shoulders, and the detail of the belt fitted with the flare of the skirt makes you feel free to make all kinds of movements and be able to be comfortable throughout the event.

Also complementing it with a shawl in one of the tones of the dress will give it a fun and very special touch.

We hope that these three looks that we have shown you have liked as much as we do, we also have great news, we have some Special Days on our website, where you can find designs for this season with up to a -30% discount.

We invite you to visit our website and discover the world of Alenia.

If you feel like visiting us and choosing your favorite garment from our collection, we are waiting for you by appointment at our Atelier in Madrid, Calle Lagasca 27 4ºE.

We will be delighted to meet and assist you!

Happy week girls!