Hello girls!

How are you?

How are you doing with the wardrobe change? We still don't know what to wear, the mornings are very cold but at noon the heat returns, so there are days when you don't know what to wear!!

Today we bring you some proposals for this winter season,with Alenia garments , as you know, our designs are very versatile, and we like that our garments can be used in a timeless way and can be worn on any occasion.

We have created some different looks, to be able to combine the designs of Alenia , and to be able to go to the office elegant and with a lot of style for this season.

We start with one of our favorite designs, so it favors and stylizes, the purple Paula Top , if one day you have dinner, or you want to go to work comfortably and simply, it is the perfect Alenia top.

Combine it with flared jeans, a jacket and comfortable boots and you will be ideal.

Another more informal but very sophisticated outfit is with our favorite blazer, the Diana jacket , this season we always tend to wear darker colors, as in the previous look, but if you like to go with color and different, combine the Diana blazer from Alenia , with jeans, a turtleneck and boots, it is the perfect combination.

Our Filippa jumpsuit is a very special garment, it can be worn at graduations, parties, events... and combined with a light-colored blazer, it makes it informal and different for day to day.

We love this combination!

And finally, our Camille blouse , a gray wrap blouse, with a spectacular fabric and that feels great.

Another one of our favorite looks to wear this winter season!

Also, as we have told you before, you can combine it with other clothes, and go to an event, and be the perfect guest or you can use it more for day to day.

What do you think of the looks that we have shown you?

We hope you like them as much as the Alenia team, and we encourage you to enter our website, so you can discover our designs, we also have a selection of garments that you can find at OUTLET with special prices.

We send you a very strong hug!

Happy week!