Hello girls!

A week ago we participated in MOMAD , the fashion fair organized by IFEMA, one of the most important held nationwide. It was an incredible weekend, where we have been surrounded by a lot of fashion and we have met very talented people.

On Thursday we went to set up our stand, which was in Hall 8, No. 8F17. It was a lot of fun and at the same time very satisfying, since when I finished, I was able to see the new Spring/Summer 2022 collection in its entirety in our space, and I am really very happy with the result.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we received many visits from clients, who congratulated us on our designs, and made me tremendously happy, after the previous two years, that they value your work and effort is very special.

Despite the fact that this year there have been no parades like in previous years and other activities that they organized, it has been a good fair.

For us, being still a brand with little experience, having the opportunity to be present at fairs as important as MOMAD is incredible.

We are impatient to start producing our new collection, which you will soon be able to enjoy. We can't teach you anything about it yet, but we can tell you that you're going to love it, the collection symbolizes a time full of changes in society, winking at one of the most revolutionary moments in the history of fashion.

It will be full of vibrant colors, floral, geometric, abstract prints...

We want to thank, in particular, my family and friends for all the support I have received and also the messages that you have sent us through social networks giving your encouragement.

We get to work so that everything turns out great and surprise you with the new collection!

See you soon!