Hello girls!

Today in Alenia 's blog we want to talk about that accessory that is totally or partially used to cover the head, the headdress.

Doubts about headdresses always arise, and it is not for less, since we can find them in many sizes and shapes, we have to take into account that headdresses will always be conditioned by the hairstyle, and if we have to be sure of something at the time to wear a headdress is that we feel favoured, natural and comfortable.

To begin, from Alenia we want to give you some advice on how to wear headgear in terms of protocol we are referring to; Large headdresses with tulle towards the face should be worn during the day, as it will serve to protect us from the sun, and those smaller headdresses, such as headbands, brooches... can be used both during the day and at night, there are also lopsided pieces, which should be placed towards the right side of the face.

Once this advice has been clarified among all of us, we have started to imagine Alenia 's designs at events, and here we leave you some of the headdresses that we have liked the most.

We begin with a headband headdress with volume and a mesh veil, you can find this headdress on our website , it has some small vintage notes, which give a touch of sophistication to the look, it is decorated with beautiful black silk flowers and adorned with a veil , and one of the most important details for us is that it is made by hand in Spain.

A small headdress that we have seen a lot lately at events, are the turban-effect headbands, perfect to give a very chic touch to the outfit you wear, we can also find them in a thousand shapes and fabrics (velvets, with prints, satin, braided...)

The Alenia team thinks that they are very flattering to the face and that it is a success when you want to wear something discreet.

And also if you combine one of the cheerful prints of Alenia's dresses with one of them, you will not go unnoticed.

Although purple tones began to enter our lives a few years ago, we still see proposals with these shades, and we love it!

We imagine them with our Adriana midi dress and it fascinates us, since it gives it a different touch, making the look much more special.

And we end with a classic, the wedding boater, a hat that can be customized in a thousand ways and that will always be a guaranteed bet.

Generally, it has always been used in country and more relaxed weddings, although there are already many who risk it for all kinds of weddings, and if there is something that Alenia likes, it is the daring and unique looks, for which Alenia could not pass unnoticed to the Boater….

It is recommended to wear it with sets, jumpsuits and loose dresses, it must be the perfect complement to a casual look.

For this reason, Alenia proposes to wear it even for a special meal in the countryside with one of her freshest dresses and from her latest Maruxa collection , the beautiful Laura dress , in red and pink tones.

Alenia loves accessories, they are so fun…

We must dare more with them, since they give a very sophisticated touch to the look!

We hope you liked this entry to Alenia's blog as much as we did writing it, since we have continuously imagined our Alenia looks with each one of them… And it has been daydreaming!

We remind you that if you feel like visiting us and choosing your favorite garment from our collection, we are waiting for you by appointment at our Atelier in Madrid, Calle Lagasca 27 4ºE.

See you next week!