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Article: We have the perfect gift list

Tendencias FW18

We have the perfect gift list

Hello again girls, one more week! Today, we would like to give you ideas about things that you can give this Christmas. I don't know about you, but it often happens to us that thinking thinking you have Christmas lunch just around the corner and we still haven't decided what we're going to give away or what look we're going to wear for all our Christmas events.

Has it ever happened to you that you wait until the last day and you have a total crisis because you have no idea what you can buy and also there are no sizes of anything left? Well, we have to confess that it has happened to us.

Soeeeee, so you don't get caught by the bull, here is our list of Christmas gifts.


One of the trends that we are already seeing and that has been going strong in the face of winter are synthetic-effect fur coats. We can see them in different varieties, for example the stuffed type, with curly hair or sheep imitation. If you are very cold and want to change a bit and escape from the typical down jacket, bet on this warm, sustainable and very trendy coat.

In the face of Christmas, we see it as very appropriate to give (-te) a synthetic fur coat that once again inspires the elegance of the 60s. Do you know the typical coat that you would say your grandmother wears but made of natural fur? Well then, dare to rescue the elegance that was so popular when your grandmother was young, because now it will be a trend for your Christmas dinners or meals!

Give it an even more elegant touch? Dust off your favorite jewelry.


There are only a few weeks left until Christmas arrives and a gift with which you will surely hit the mark is a beauty product. From the typical cologne, through makeup cases or limited edition lipsticks... we suggest some of our beauty gift ideas.

Starting with a fragrance, if there is one that you have to give away, it is from Jo Malone London . The one that we particularly like is the fragrance of Jasmín Sambac & Marigold. Even so, we still think that the issue of fragrances is somewhat particular and that not everyone likes the same scents, but I hope that our recommendation can give you some idea.

We continue with makeup products. In this case, an idea that we love is to give (-te) an eye shadow that you know that the specific person is going to use during their Christmas. For example, we love shadows that are glittery and in very Christmassy tones. What do you think of this shadow in golden tones?

Tom Ford Shadow Extreme in “Gold Glitter”

Continuing with the golden tones, we want to recommend another very top Guerlain product. It is a 24-carat gold primer (yes, as you hear it) that what it will do is retain the moisture of the skin so that it always stays hydrated. You should apply it just before your usual makeup base. What you will achieve is that skin looks bright and hydrated. It is ideal for normal to dry skin.

Honestly, the best thing is to try it.


The bag that we propose as a gift is not just any bag; It is the it-bag of celebrities and we have seen it in many fashion magazines and we have fallen in love with it. The bag is from the Spanish brand Reliquiae (which we know strongly supports sustainable, Spanish fashion and traditional business) that make leather bags and accessories that mix expert knowledge with contemporary design.

Each model requires between 8 and 14 hours of work for its manufacture and the intervention of three artisans from the luxury firm based in Gijón (Asturias).

It seems to us that it is a special gift , it is not the typical bag that you can find in any store or online. We think it is a perfect complement to your Christmas look or of course, also if you want to combine your perfect guest dress. They are small bags with a lot of personality, you can choose them in various colors. In our opinion, the one that can fit the most according to the trends is the bag with a velvet finish.

It seems to us the IDEAL whim for this Christmas. And you?


And how could we not recommend a top garment for this Christmas? One of the pieces that has become our favorite in recent weeks is our Camille velvet blouse .

A velvet blouse with this color is perfect for both lunches and Christmas dinners. With family, with friends, for reunions with old friends… Velvet is a choice that you can never regret on dates like Christmas.

How can you combine it? To begin with, we recommend combining it with pants, it doesn't matter if they are wider or narrower, but with pants it will look great. As it has a V-neckline, you can always choose to complement the blouse with a cute little necklace or long earrings.

Did you like our recommendations?

We read U.S. The next Tuesday!

A hug,


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