Events accumulate at Christmas : company dinners, Christmas Eve, Christmas meals, New Year's Eve, Secret Santa meetings... We want to feel beautiful, special and different each day of these holidays and it is not always easy. Dream dresses, jewelry, but… what about our hair? Today we have compiled some ideal hairstyles to give a special touch to your look in these very important parties. We hope you like them!


If you like your hair loose but you want to give your look a more sophisticated touch, a semi-collected with braids is an option with which you will not fail . The varieties are endless, spike, root, siren, inverted, Dutch, cascading... More or less complex and perfect for any occasion.

This herringbone braid by Sandra Majada (@invitada_perfecta) has us crazy! Herringbone braids look very elaborate, but they are very easy to do. Instead of the three partitions of the traditional braid, you will have to divide the hair into two parts and intertwine small strands from one partition to another. Sandra has also chosen to stop the braid in the middle, put a rubber band, and continue with the braid until the end. If you use the classic black plastic rubber bands and cover them by surrounding them with a lock of fine hair, the finish will be amazing. Put on your best red dress, et voilá: Perfect for Christmas!

In case you have any questions, we leave you this video by Patry Jordán in which he explains the process of a herringbone braid (and many others) step by step.

This other Sandra hairstyle requires more work, but the result is worth it and is perfect for New Year's Eve ! You will have to make two root braids (one on each side of the temple) and then join the ends with bobby pins. Before joining them, remember to loosen them by gently tugging on the sides of the braid with your fingers to open it up for a more relaxed look. Also, if you have a small amount of hair, this is a great trick to make your braids appear much thicker and more consistent. At minute 3:00 of this video you will see exactly how to do it!


This bow is ideal for any occasion , but we recommend that you opt for it for garments with closed necklines. It will elongate your neck and make you look slimmer. It's very easy to do! Her trick is to loosen the bow, ruffling it to get that casual effect. Step away from ballerina bun perfection and don't forget to pull out a few strands from the front of your hair. Trick: if you have recently washed hair, it will be difficult for you to give it volume. We advise you to tease all the hair very lightly. This will also make it easier for you to shape and hold the bow.


Grab an iron, comb and hairspray and get to work! Smooth all the hair, make a section separating the amount of hair that you want to include in the updo, tease the top part and secure it with a cute hairpin or with a barrette. Apply hairspray so that the crazy hairs do not move, and voila! Our bet for this hairstyle is a company dinner: elegant, simple and feminine . In addition, we advise you to complement it with maxi earrings. You will hit.


Perfect for any day event! For a look like the one on the left, apply curling mousse and diffuse dry hair with head down. When completely dry, use the curling iron to give some curls more definition. Always take very fine strands separated from each other. Then finger comb your hair by applying a bit of hair oil. We advise you not to use the comb, you will destroy the curl and reduce its volume.

The hairstyle on the right requires an iron, but it is very simple to make. Go separating the hair layer by layer and wave sections of approximately two fingers thick, always in the same direction to achieve unity in all the waves of the hair. If, in addition, you part the part to one side, you will give the hairstyle a plus of sensuality.

And now... get pretty and enjoy the festivities!!!