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Hello Girls, we are already in 2019 and with it came the new fashion trends so that we are gorgeous all year long and with a heart-stopping look.

On this occasion we have selected the 5 trends that we believe will be the sensation, and that will give you the confidence to cope with this adventure with style. So take note so you don't miss any of our recommendations.

1.The Feathers

It is a somewhat risky trend for many, but firms such as Prada , Gucci , Oscar de la Renta or Elisabetta Franchi have already included them in their collections. The way to wear them will not be exactly discreet, here the more exaggerated they are, it will look better. If you use feathers, one option is to combine them with bows, sequins or neutral colors. If feathers have something good, it is that, as we have already seen, they can be used for any situation and adapt to a variety of styles.

2.Animal Print

It is the most anticipated trend for 2019, so if you have a garment with this print, the best thing you can do is take it out of the closet and if not with Alenia you can have a unique garment with an animal print and it is the Chloé skirt, so get ready because animal print is here to stay. Keep in mind that this time we are not only talking about the traditional feline or zebra print, what comes directly from the catwalks is not the animal's fur or skin but its silhouette itself. Get ready because this year this print will take over coats, skirts, blouses and all kinds of accessories. Will it become a new basic?

3. The white ankle boots

This trend was already going strong in the summer of 2018, which is why in 2019 they have their best moment taking over streetstyle. It is not easy to think of wearing white boots or ankle boots, but give it a try, there are so many styles that you will surely fall in love with.

4.He sells mint

It is simply the new fashionable color, which is here to stay. The color of pistachios, the mixture of blue and water green, that is mint green, that pastel tone will reign this spring. The best way to wear it is in gradients and total looks that will even include accessories. It is the true must-have of the year . So wear it with pride and no regrets.

5.Wide pants

That's right, wide pants are still the trend of the moment. You want to go comfortably to the office and then go to dinner with your friends because Alenia has the perfect look with her Paris collection with Palazzo pants. Don't wait until spring to wear it, in winter you can also wear it if you wear it with long stockings underneath, heels, a sweater or a white shirt.

Did you like our top? Now all you have to do is wear a great catwalk look

We read U.S. The next Tuesday!

A hug,


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