There is nothing more alarming than, suddenly and without expecting it, you are invited to a wedding with little notice to be able to think carefully, and choose what will be the look that you will wear to that event. Precisely because we cannot foresee all the events on our agenda throughout the year, we want to share with you a series of "tips" so that the choice in extremis of that outfit, which makes you look perfect, is as easy as you can imagine. .

Just because. Choosing the perfect dress, accessories, hairstyle and makeup at short notice is possible. With this decalogue, it will be much easier for you to face all future weddings that arise. So take note!

The eternal question that we have all asked ourselves at some time , long or short dress?... If there is something that quickly resolves this question, it is the “ dress code ”, something that every perfect guest, worth her salt, should never go through for high. If you are new to the wedding theme, let me explain that it is about the dress code, a series of guidelines that you must take into account when choosing your outfit for that day, and that it is governed by protocol and tradition . With which, to choose elegant dresses to go perfectly with, the first thing you should know is the time of day in which the ceremony will be and the place.

If the wedding is in the morning, it is appropriate to opt for short elegant dresses and for the links in the afternoon/evening it is the ideal time to choose long party dresses . In addition, you must take into account your physiognomy and choose those clothes that best suit your figure. First problem, the length of your dress, Solved!

Another aspect that makes us undecided most of the time is the choice of the color of the dress . Mainly, under no circumstances should you go in white, beige or cream colors. Those are the colors that can only be worn by the bride, or one of the most special guests, as long as the main protagonist expressly requests it. To solve this aspect, it is also very important that we abide by the ceremony. For daytime and morning weddings, it is best to opt for bright, pastel or powdery colors, depending on the time of year. Elegant printed dresses are also a great option.

Say no to sequins and rhinestones for the daytime guest dress (both in dresses and accessories), in short, no to glitter for the day. In the case of being in the afternoon or at night, it is time for the most intense and dark colors. But something that we should never fall into, no matter how old the guest is, is to wear a black dress. Since black is the color of wakes and has no place in a celebration like a wedding.

When can I wear a hat or headdress ? This is another question that many of us ask ourselves and that is the simplest. The pamelas are wide-brimmed hats that serve to protect the face from the sun, while the headdresses are accessories that decorate our hairstyle. With which, it does not make sense that we put on a hat in the afternoon or at night, hours in which we do not need to protect ourselves from anything. It is true that, although at first the headdresses were intended for evening weddings, but each time they have gained ground in daytime weddings.

On the other hand, something that is very flattering, are the jewel forks. A most beautiful detail, especially if we are going to wear loose hair and natural waves.

Should the shoes and the bag go together? Not anymore. If it is true that for many years, combining them was a maxim of good taste. But this is in the past and with its combination we can tastefully highlight our look. However, there are certain aspects that you should take into account when choosing your shoes. If you are short, no matter how much you like ballerinas, the best option to be able to look great in your dress, in addition to being stylized, is to wear high-heeled shoes. Of course, as long as it is of a height that allows you to walk and be comfortable. It's about looking stylish, not having a terrible time.

But... What if I don't want to wear a dress? No problem! It is not mandatory to wear a dress to a wedding. There are more and more guests who come to the links with pants , overalls or pantsuits, and who also look great. In these cases, they are a good option if you accompany them with accessories that give them a feminine touch.

The important thing is that when dressing to be a wedding guest, be true to your style and not feel disguised, because others will also have that perception of you. Above all, you must feel confident with the choice of your outfit.

Finally, it is the turn of the hairstyle and makeup . These are two of the essential aspects to achieve the perfect look. It is recommended that you have decided in advance. But if this is not possible, play it safe. A natural makeup, in which we highlight the lips is the safe bet. As for the hairstyle, it is best not to overload it too much. Bet on simplicity, you don't need to go to the hairdresser, you can do it yourself at home. Because no one better than you knows what favors you.

Finally, a maxim that we must not forget is that “less is more”. Do not choose an overloaded and excessive look, that will not do you any favors. Prioritize when choosing the combination. And of course, enjoy the event and the celebration.