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Article: favorites of the month

favoritos del mes

favorites of the month

Hello everybody! We are already finishing the month of November and like every month, we bring you a post that is being liked a lot and that many of you are delighted with our recommendations; it's about OUR FAVORITES OF THE MONTH!

This post is going to be a bit different since very important dates such as Christmas are approaching and we are going to focus it so that you can also choose to give to that special person, one of those that we consider our favorites of the month. In the next blog post, we will give you ideas about specific looks or clothes that you can wear for Christmas lunches or dinners.

Without further ado, let's get started! 😊


We love to try new beauty things every month and we thought that you would love to know which has been our favorite in this area. Well, this month's beauty favorite is a CLARINS serum that drives us crazy. We did not stop seeing it on social networks and in stores and we were bitten by the curiosity bug, so we have tried it and we want to give you our opinion!

We think that this serum is ideal for the events you may have at Christmas:

  1. It brings a lot of light to the skin and if you feel that your skin is drier and duller than normal, this product will undoubtedly be for you.
  2. It hydrates a lot! ♥️ Don't you notice your skin drier than normal in the coldest months of the year? If you dab the serum before your usual moisturizer, you'll notice that the hydration lasts much longer.
  3. What we have loved the most is that it has two applicators (so to speak). If what you want is a good amount of serum, you must indicate position 1 on the head. If, on the contrary, you only want a droplet, you must indicate on the head position 2 😊
  4. Trick: With position 2, mix a few drops of serum with your usual makeup because you will make your skin look juicy and shiny.
  5. If you have never used a serum or do not know how to apply it, we will tell you to apply it in the morning after your daily cleaning and at night.


For this section we bring two favorites of the month. The first of them are cow boots from Uterque made in goatskin and finished in nappa leather. What made us fall in love with these ankle boots is the detail of the tortoiseshell heel.

This ankle boot option is suitable for different styles and looks, for example, with jeans in dark tones it is a comfortable and casual option but, on the contrary, you can give it a more formal air if you wear it with an elegant dress or a skirt .

Our second favorite in this section is a very versatile garment, which we think is ideal for Christmas lunches or dinners. This is our ALICE dress , a dress that you may have seen a lot on social networks. This dress is really liking and we get a lot of questions about it.

Why do we love this dress so much and why is it our favorite of the month?

  1. You can find the Alice velvet dress in two colors: red and blue. In our opinion, you should see which color suits you best according to your skin tone and eye or hair color.
  2. It is a dress that is neither too long nor too short, so the length is perfect to be elegant at any event that may arise this Christmas.
  3. The Alice dress adapts to all kinds of figures, it doesn't matter if you have a wider or narrower waist or if you've eaten too much that day and you're a little more swollen... thanks to the braided belt you can adapt the dress to your body at that moment 😉
  4. Velvet is a fabric that is super fashionable and on-trend and that, without a doubt, is a fabric that does not fail at Christmas time, regardless of whether it is in fashion or not.

😊 If you want to know more details about its composition, care and history of this wonderful piece, click HERE

And here is today's post, we hope that you will be encouraged to combine your looks with velvet or that you will be encouraged to give light to your skin with our favorite serum of the month.

A hug,

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