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Article: Our July favorites

favoritos del mes

Our July favorites

Like every month, we bring you our favorites. It is one of the sections that we like the most because we love to share with you products or simply things that we love and that we have been testing during the month. Also, do not forget that you can use our recommendations to become the perfect guests… How? Keep reading and we'll tell you everything.


We are ending the month of July and if you have not yet decided to start your "facial protection" routine, what are you waiting for? Protection must be applied whether it is summer or winter, even if we are walking down the street or on the beach... you should always wear sun protection.

In summer, many of us love not to wear makeup. The trick to make your skin look more glowy ? Color protection! It will be your perfect ally this summer, and now there are many that give you a "washed face" effect, they are waterproof and will last hours and hours without touch-ups.

We recommend using a protection that is natural and that is also oil-free (if it is greasy and it is hot, our experience tells us that you are going to sweat, you will have patches of color on your face and your face will also look shiny...) If it also unifies imperfections, it will be your perfect ally.

The one we have been using since summer started is FUSIONWater Color ISDIN. When it comes to applying it, we can do it in two ways:

  1. You apply it to your fingertips and spread it over your cheekbones, forehead...etc with light touches and it looks super natural.
  2. You can apply it as if it were a makeup base and that way it looks a little more fixed (you can even apply it with a fluid makeup brush) and then add a few touches of sun powder to bring luminosity to your skin.

For extra protection, our favorite of the month is an anti-shine face mist; This mist is ideal to carry in your bag and refresh you while protecting your skin.

The best of all? That will be your best ally at weddings or events!

Normally, at summer weddings, we spend a lot of time outdoors, whether they are patios, gardens, fields... etc. If it fits in your bag, don't hesitate! This mist will not ruin your makeup and the best thing is that you will be protected from the sun and super calm throughout the wedding.

Other uses: If you are going hiking in the countryside, if you are going to the beach, a day on the boat, if you are on a terrace having a drink… give yourself a spray from time to time!


As we have mentioned before, on vacation the less makeup we wear the better. For this reason, our favorite of the month is a red Givenchy lipstick that has become another of the accessories that cannot be missing in our bag.

We love the red color for both events and weddings, but we also believe that having a red lipstick during the summer is essential. In summer, just by applying a little mascara, tinted protection and red lipstick... you will get a total summer look , super comfortable, that will make your skin perfect on any occasion.

It is true that for day to day a nude lipstick color does not fail, but there is something that we love about red lipsticks (especially in summer)…

Here are some tips to apply it:

  1. Previously, outline your lips with a red very similar to the one you are going to wear. To give you an idea, the eyeliner is like a primer... it will help the lip color last much longer and prevent cracking.
  2. Apply a semi-matt red lipstick that is also not dry, our favorite of the month is Le Rouge Lipstick by Givenchy

Giulia Red Dress


Well girls, the third favorite of the month on our list is a product that we started testing a few days ago and it leaves your hair amazing (with UV and UVB protection!!!). We have always been told that during the summer, hair suffers much more due to chlorine, sun rays, sea salt... etc. As we have commented previously, everything we do will benefit us during the summer and, also during weddings or events that we have in the coming months.

Do you want to prepare your hair to be the perfect guest? Well, the star product of the month is REVLON COCO (Hair treatment) ; It is a spray product that is applied to wet hair and is super super complete:

-Repairs dry hair and controls frizz.

-Offers thermal protection and makes your hair softer.

-Protects from the sun and facilitates combing.

-Detangling effect

-Provides more body

-Prevents split ends


And our last favorite has to do with accessories that you can use to become the perfect guests during weddings or events. We, as you well know, are always looking for the perfect jewels to combine with our ALENIA dresses . The brand that has become one of our favorites is SMALL AFFAIRE.

The jewels are 100% Made In Spain as our manufacture, something that we value very much and that is that all the jewels are also made by hand and with great care.

What do you think of this combination of 18-karat gold-plated 925 sterling silver jewelry with our GIULIA LUNARES BLUE dress? The lapis lazuli stone is shaped like a cabochon with small details that decorate around it. Lapis lazuli is an ultramarine blue mineral.

We hope you liked our favourites, which one would you like to start using?

Leave us your comments on our blog or on our RRSS!

A hug.

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