The red color, symbol of passion, seduction, femininity... but, what are the real aspects of this wonderful and striking color?

Positive aspects associated with the color red

  • Passion
  • Vigor
  • Can
  • Force
  • Seduction
  • activity/dynamism

Negative aspects associated with the color red

  • Violence
  • War
  • Gonna
  • prohibitions
  • Immorality

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A red dress must be a basic that we must keep in our closet and take it out when the occasion calls for it. Like the classic black dress, it is a versatile garment that, combined with various accessories, you can wear your red dress for different occasions.

The first thing we have to think about is, what other colors do we want to combine our red dress with? We recommend: gold, silver or black…for #aleniagirls who like to take risks? Opt for the animal print, which is a trend.

In the first photo, wearing our red GIULIA dress, @santandercondoblel has managed to combine it with a headdress in golden tones with red flowers from @elroperodepi and a matching belt.


Red dresses are very striking, there is no doubt about that. You know that if you wear a red dress you will dazzle and be the center of attention. If you decide to wear a red dress for a more informal occasion (such as dinner with your friends on a Saturday night), combine your dress with animal print heels or black sandals. We do not recommend using gold accessories, since we should reserve that for much more formal occasions such as a wedding. If you are one of the daring ones, one of those girls who like to mix colors and textures, opt for accessories in bright colors such as emerald green.

As for the textures, you can choose to wear a slightly smaller bag or clutch with more daring textures such as colored sequins or a belt that enhances your waist area and makes you much more stylish; Like Laura, you can opt for belts with colored flowers, we think it's super ideal! We must also take into account that not all red dresses are perfect for all occasions; For example, the red satin mini dress worn by Maria Escoté in VOGUE30 would not be the most appropriate for a wedding , but instead, we do love the puffy red dress worn by model Steffy Argelich with an off-shoulders neckline.

The perfect guests (or not) by VOGUE30


Putting on a red dress to be a guest at a wedding will make you a perfect guest ; Without a doubt, red is a sure hit but, for weddings, not everything goes. We recommend a long, flowing dress that is elegant. As we have discussed before, the combination with gold or even black will be perfect for going to a wedding. The golden color enhances the glamor much more, but if you do not decide on golden accessories, opt for the black color (you can always combine it with rhinestones or jeweled shoes in golden tones!)

Finally, if you decide to wear a red dress and you want to give it a more glamorous touch and start having fun as soon as possible, put your hair up in a bun at medium height (and keep it well stretched), this will make your look look much more elegant. Do you want something more natural to not go "so dressed"? choose to wear your hair loose but make a braid with the front parts of your hair and hook it with an accessory that matches you. The result? you will get a much more boho and natural look.

We want to remind you that if you still don't have a dress to be the perfect guest, WE ARE ON SALE!

If you like red, GIULIA will make you fall in love.

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