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Article: The perfect guests (or not) of Vogue30

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The perfect guests (or not) of Vogue30

Yesterday the 30th anniversary of VOGUE magazine took place and we couldn't miss the opportunity to write a post about the best and worst dressed at the event. Models and actresses exuded their style, from super international models like Irina Shayk to national ones like Blanca Romero. All the guests opted for spectacular looks… well, some more than others. It seems that on the anniversary of VOGUE there have been no style rules.

In today's post we are going to show you which are some of the looks that we liked the most and which are the least , as always, we would love to know your opinion with your comments.

Sometimes, it is not necessary to set a trend to be the perfect guest and look elegant. Below we will show you some pairs of photos distinguishing the less successful guests and those who have hit the target of the perfect guest.


Starting with Veronika Heilbrunner wearing a green (more like grass) pantsuit with black flip flops and pink patterned socks; She cannot hide the great designer who dresses her: GUCCI, but we believe that it is not the best look for a perfect guest...

To her right we see the look of Maryna Linchuk who wore a colorful minidress whose V-shaped neckline, somewhat broken, drew attention in an unfortunate way.

We continue with the actress Antonia San Juan and the singer Rosalía. Antonia!; Don't you think it's a somewhat heavy color for these hot nights that bathe Madrid?

Rosalía honors her flamenco style by wearing a fringed cut-out dress; closed at the neck, open at the hip, union knot, leg with fringes….Mies Van der Rohe, would have put his hands on his head…!

Girls, girls, girls!!! It is at night, it is a party where glamour, spicy perfume, colored lights and underground music must reign. We like outfits, but to go out to eat with friends…?Anna Castillo doesn't convince us in her attempt to be the perfect guest and Leonor has scratched herself a bit!!

What color does a woman choose when she wants to be feminine, feel beautiful and sexy? THE RED! But, not in this style….


Judit Mascó impressed with this snakeskin effect dress, without a doubt, one of the most elegant that also set trends with the deep neckline, puffed sleeves with long cuffs and mini bag.

We dare to say that the perfect match for Judit Mascó would be Ursula Corberó, where the dress worn by the actress shines by itself... we love the snakes that surround her ankles.

Two other super women that enter our list of perfect guests are: the model Megan Williams and the actress Marta Hazas; Megan wears a semi-sheer tulle dress with leather straps and sequin appliqués and poses with the designers of the same brand, Dsquared2. Undoubtedly, Megan is a perfect guest who also sets the trend…we don't dislike the color black because although the temperature rises in Madrid, the transparencies were a success of the season.

On the other hand, the actress impresses us with this strapless dress that favors her greatly thanks to her slim figure. The fabric of the dress is satin and the black color together with the print, in the purest wild Africa, makes its sky blue wide belt stand out even more.

Last but not least, we see the impressive Israeli model Bar Rafaeli (before giving it her all singing and dancing with Irina Shayk and Karlie Kloss) in a total black dress with semi-transparencies in the chest area and polka dots in relief and tulip skirt….What do you say? Trend, right? If you add to that the strappy updo she's wearing (this gives the dress much more prominence) turn it off and let's go… the number 1 spot on our list!!!

The super model is accompanied by Nuria Rothschild, in a long black sequined dress and a golden clutch . She is wearing a simple dress but with an elegant and sophisticated neckline; You already know that we love elegance and we believe that Nuria has succeeded with her perfect guest look.

What did you think about the selection?

What do you think in general about the 30th Anniversary of VOGUE?

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