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Hello girls!!

We are here one more Tuesday to bring you some ideas to shine on a day as important as a graduation. The end of one stage in our lives and the beginning of another. Despite the circumstances in which we find ourselves, we must remain positive and think that this year we can celebrate graduations.

We know that it is an unforgettable moment and for this reason and because you have asked us a lot to recommend Alenia dresses for graduations 2021 , here it is!!

Given the date on which these events are usually held, brightly colored dresses are the most sought after. And it is that when the heat arrives what we most want is to start wearing bright and summery colors. Also, this season more than ever, since color is the trend above all things.

Let's start with the short Alenia dresses . We have no doubt that our Valentina dress is essential for this type of event. You can find it in both blue and pink, two colors that will flatter you and make you feel the center of attention.

If what you are looking for is something a bit longer, don't worry, we have our midi dresses , which stylize the figure and offer you comfort that you won't want to take off. The one that is undoubtedly our favorite is the Bianca dress , that the dress speaks for itself. The one that we cannot resist is the beautiful lace that the Marcella dress has. You can find elegance, originality and design in one piece. It is elegant, flattering and easy to wear.

As for long dresses , you will have to take a look at our website and choose the one you like the most because we cannot choose anything more than one. They are all so pretty!! But if we have to recommend one, without a doubt with our new Laura dress , which is the perfect dress for graduations.

It has a MIDI cut, so it doesn't reach the ground and allows you to have full mobility and, in addition, show off those heels that you have prepared for this moment.

The jumpsuits, in addition to being comfortable, are elegant. Ideal for a graduation. Our Filippa jumpsuit with its open back and its large bow, will make you be unique and feel special wherever you go.

We cannot leave without telling you about our two favorite pieces, well, and yours… The Diana suit and the Maruxa set. The mix of pink and blue makes the design stand out from all the others. A two-piece is a sure hit for a 2021 graduation.

What is your favourite? We hope you liked them and above all that our 2021 graduation look ideas have served you.

We will see each other again next Tuesday.

Have a wonderful week.


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