Hello everybody! We are here one more Tuesday. These last weeks we have been a bit absent because we have been preparing with what we are going to show you today... As we already told you in one of the last posts, the MaruXa collection is very special for us, and that is why we have wanted to celebrate its launch and the reception it is having in style.

We decided to set up a workshop and, in addition to presenting the collection to our guests, we let them be designers for a day. It was hilarious! If you want to know more about how we had a good time and see who we invited and the designs they made… stay until the end!

Due to the health situation of COVID 19 and for the safety of both our guests and our team, we decided to do the workshop for two days, so we would enjoy it twice and we could invite more people.

We ate breakfast, chatted and had a great time.

We present the MaruX capsule collection and our designer, Alejandra Fandiño has dedicated a few words about what this collection means to her and to Alenia .

But without a doubt, the protagonists were them, our guests, who were the ones who took on the role of designers for a day and got down to creating their MaruXa garment . Each one has been able to make as many designs as they wanted, combining fabrics, printed colors and buttons to their liking. With the help of our designer they have created spectacular designs, which in a few months, the one we like the most will come true in collaboration with its creator.

Finally, the girls took a small gift from Alenia so they don't forget about us, and what better gift than an Alenia mask?

We hope you liked our workshop and if you want to see more about what we had and see who each design belongs to, you can visit our Instagram where we will publish everything.

Until next week!