Hello everybody!! How are you?

Not long ago we uploaded a post of ideas for communion looks and since you liked it so much and you keep asking us, also some ideas of looks for graduations 2021 , today we bring you the combo events 2021 , dresses and looks for communions and graduations . On the one hand, by the hand of the gorgeous perfect guest and on the other one of the precious models from the production of Estrella Albendea .

Communions 2021

Our safe bet for this year's communions , without a doubt, is the jacket suit , but be careful, not just any jacket suit, since, if you wear one that is heavily armed, now that the heat is coming, you will lose mobility and you will be very uncomfortable In addition to being quite hot. That is why we love our Diana suit so much, because in addition to its scandalous design, it is very fluid and the fabric with which it is made, in addition to being very comfortable, is very cool. It is not a heavy suit, so it will allow you to have the comfort of holding your little ones whenever you want.

You know that our hearts break with all the garments in our Maruxa collection , that's why we can't help but show you this great look with the Maruxa outfit . The truth is that it is a look that we would wear both for a communion and for a graduation. We love it for both occasions!

graduations 2021

What an illusion that this year we can celebrate graduations again! It was time to return to those very special events, both for students and parents. Still don't know what to wear for that day? Our long Marta dress could not be more ideal for this day.

What is your favourite? If you have been inspired by any of our looks, we will be very excited to see your graduation or communion photos.
We will see each other again the following week.
Thank you.