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Article: Why bring prints to your events?

Why bring prints to your events?

Hello everybody!

How are you?

Today we are going to talk about prints, yes, prints, that repeated decorative design that can be used on fabrics, as in the case of Alenia.

Prints are always a trend, and they will never go out of style, especially in the era in which we find ourselves, using prints will always be a success, since they enhance the figure and feel great.

Who does not like to wear colors and convey joy through a garment?

The prints combine with any accessory you have at home, they are also suitable for special occasions as well as for going more casual, they give that special touch both for day and night.

That is why at Alenia we risk this type of design, fun, elegant, feminine garments... one of Alenia's objectives is to convey your personality through them...

Today we are going to show you Alenia designs that have these characteristics, here we go!

Adriana Midi Dress, Alenia Brand

Our Adriana Midi dress , perfect for any occasion, the combination of colors that Alenia carried out in this design is wonderful, since they look good on all types of bodies, the Adriana dress is a very fresh fabric, that does not weigh you down, and at the same time being midi will allow you to be able to wear it on occasions both during the day and at night.

It is undoubtedly a sure hit, its range of colors attract attention and you will not go unnoticed.

Graziella set, Alenia Brand

One of the most special outfits is that of Graziella , made up of two garments, a shirt and a skirt.

Its print is so special that it looks like brush strokes superimposed on each other and its blue and mauve tones make it a very elegant guest garment.

The pattern of the skirt is with an asymmetrical cut and is accompanied by a ruffle, which makes it more special and unique, the blouse is crossed, very comfortable.

The Alenia designer was inspired by Italy and she imagines her design on the beaches of the Amalfi coast... and she is not wrong... because without a doubt, we all want to walk with the Graziella outfit on those beaches.

Although this is not all... Alenia designed the Sofia set, a set with the same pattern as Graziella's, but with its print in shades of pink and red, a spectacular combination that makes us feel powerful just by looking at it.

Unfortunately it is currently not available but you have the option of Pre-Order, Alenia is a special brand, with limited units and that is made in Spain, so each of Alenia's garments are unique and very well cared for.

Sofia Set, Alenia Brand

And to finish with the wonderful prints by Alenia , we highlight the Diana suit jacket from the MaruXa Collection.

Its flower print in blue tones on a pink background makes you stand out wherever you go.

Suits are very stylish and, being used to seeing them everywhere in neutral tones, Alenia wanted to take a risk with this colorful suit, creating a harmonious two-piece set.

We love Alenia 's prints, they are designed with great care and enthusiasm and it shows in the final result.

Diana Suit, Alenia Brand

Life is for enjoying and taking risks, and a special pattern is always the best option for any occasion.

The light it gives us is very special…

Do you dare to take a risk with Alenia 's prints?

We can't wait to see you wearing them, come visit us by appointment at our Atelier in Madrid, Calle Lagasca 27 4ºE.

We will be waiting for you delighted!

We will see each other again next Tuesday.

Have a wonderful week.


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