We are going through a strange, difficult time... and this year many of us have to spend Mother's Day without her.

They have given us life, they have cared for us, protected us. Therefore, they deserve it all. They are always by our side and when we need them the most, because they are a fundamental support. Mother's Day is celebrated in Spain every first Sunday of May. It is a curious case, because it is not a fixed day, such as Father's Day (March 19) or Valentine's Day (February 14). In this case, it varies each year and can be any day between May 1 and May 6, both included. The one that plays every year, according to the calendar. Despite this situation we are experiencing, it was not going to be less. It can also be demonstrated at a distance.

To find the best gift, it is necessary to think about what she is like, her likes and hobbies. This way it will be much easier for you to find that detail that will make you smile from ear to ear.

Since we are in difficult times, we advise you that the more personal the gift is, the more special it will be.

In this post we have compiled the best ideas to give away on this special day and surprise her with a unique detail.

1. Jewelry is always essential on this type of occasion, because it is a fundamental accessory on a day-to-day basis. The bracelets are a good option to give away and you can engrave a beautiful phrase, your names, the date, etc. on them. Pendants and necklaces are also a very recurring and popular gift in this type of celebration.

At P de Paola you can find hand-finished jewelry with top quality materials. They also give you the opportunity to design them to your liking through their website, and they deliver it to you in 24-48 hours! Let your mother make a difference wherever she goes with one of these pendants.

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2. Chocolate candies . On the Planète Chocolat website they offer special chocolate packs and cases for Mother's Day. It is premium quality Belgian chocolate, 100% pure cocoa butter without GMOs, without preservatives or colorings. They offer a wide selection of products: pearls dipped in delicious cocoa, a heart-shaped chocolate soap or chocolate flowers. They also give you the opportunity to show her how much you think of her by personalizing your gift with a small poem that they will add to the package themselves. This is a sweet choice for moms with a sweet tooth.

Here we leave your website:


3. For new moms: If you have a friend or family member who is having a child for the first time or has had a baby for a relatively short time…what better time to make her feel the luckiest in the world!

Making a special gift for a new mom is something very meaningful and emotional. For example, giving him products for his baby such as a bath cap with his initials, a photo frame with the baby's footprint, a personalized teddy bear with a t-shirt embroidered with his name... it's all about finding a practical product and turning it into the most original thanks to personalization. You can find them at Tutete.com. They also offer very cool and customizable packs!

4. All, absolutely all mothers, love to have photo albums full of their best memories and at home they will have thousands... but surely old ones. What better gift for Mother's Day than a new and personalized album, some magnets with photos that immortalize your best moments together, or some scented candles that, in addition to creating an environment of new smells at home, remember beautiful moments through photos?

On the CHEERZ website you can find all this and get that original gift for your mother. Do not miss all their proposals!

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5. The option that never fails: give away a book . In this time of confinement, is there anything better than getting lost between the pages of a good book?

We leave you our favorites so that your mother forgets about being 'mom' for a while.

  1. The Captain's Daughters, by Maria Dueñas.
  2. The silent lover, by Clara Sánchez.
  3. Sofia's Suspicion, by Paloma Sánchez-Garnica.
  4. The German House, by Annette Hess.

6. The last idea is of course one of our sets! . You can surprise your mother with an Alenia dress or outfit and make her feel the most special. We give you the option of choosing a two-piece suit like our Sofía outfit, wearable both for day to day and for a more special event:

In addition, from the 20th to Wednesday the 29th you have a 20% discount on the entire web.

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We hope these ideas help you choose the perfect gift for your mothers.

Remember: 'there is only one mother, and none like mine'.

Take great care of them and make them feel special, even from a distance.

Happy Tuesday!