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We return one more Tuesday and today we bring you tips to be the perfect guest! Stay, we are going to tell you the keys.

Short dress or long dress?

When choosing the dress for a daytime wedding, the first thing we have to take into account is the theme that the couple have chosen: bohemian, Mediterranean, oriental... And from there, we begin to choose our dress.

The dresses tend to be short, since only the bridesmaids, the witnesses, the sisters of the groom and the bridesmaids can go long. The others must go with a short dress. If you don't feel comfortable showing your legs, you can always choose longer skirts with small slits that are very trendy right now.

the color of my dress

Regarding the color, you can choose the one you want, always keeping in mind that the white or ecru color is only for the bride . If you're wondering if your dress is too white, that's because it is, so that's not your dress. Another color that cannot be worn at a wedding, let alone one in the morning, is black. The ideal colors are pastels, such as pink, blue, mauve... another option is to wear a flower or polka dot print dress, both very trendy.


Seeing us beautiful is essential, both in a wedding by day and by night. It's a matter of attitude and confidence . We advise you to follow these protocol tips for guests, which will help you to be more sure of yourself.

We hope it has been helpful to you. Have a nice week

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