Very good girls!

Welcome one more week to our Alenia blog, where we show you the best tips to always be the perfect guest at any event, party or celebration.

We are fully immersed in the season of events, weddings, baptisms, celebrations... They are piling up on the agenda!

For this reason, in addition to the perfect outfit that makes us dazzle, we have to take into account the appropriate accessories.

Among them, the perfect shoes, those that make us add centimeters and make us forget about sneakers.

Ready? Go for it!


They are characterized by having a thin and elongated heel, although lately we have seen them with a lower heel. They are famous for being one of the models that most stylizes the figure but, in turn, more difficult to wear due to their narrow shape.

Square or round, wide heel

Wide heels are preferred by many women thanks to their comfort. They are perfect for going to events such as weddings or baptisms, where you alternate standing moments, such as dancing or an aperitif, with sitting moments, for example, during the banquet or ceremony. We find them in different shapes, the square ones being the ones that provide the greatest stability.

One more step Barcelona

Low heel

They are the heels that do not exceed 4 centimeters. We've seen them in classic movies like Breakfast at Tiffany's . It is one of the models preferred by women who seek comfort without giving up a little extra height. It is usually with a thin heel, although we also find variants with a thicker heel.

Manolo Blahnik

The most important thing for us is to feel comfortable, and that it feels good with our style.

We hope you liked today's entry, and that if you have an event this coming winter, you will be encouraged by some of the ideas that we show you in today's blog.

We remind you that you can come visit us at our atelier by appointment, and we will show you our exclusive designs so that you can choose your look to be the perfect guest.

We wait for you!

A strong hug.