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You live that moment when you are invited to a wedding with great enthusiasm, someone close to you is going to take the step of getting married and that is something very emotional and beautiful.

Some of us have been waiting for that moment to have the invitation to a wedding in our hands for so long that we already know what we would wear, but in others inspiration is conspicuous by its absence. In addition, there is also the case of being clear about it but having doubts about whether or not it is appropriate for that event.

In the case of men, it is much easier to hit the mark and not fail since their options in terms of clothing are more limited, but in our case we have a great variety in our closets and that is precisely what generates these doubts.

We've all heard that: 'if it's a wedding tomorrow, you have to go short; if it's late, it goes long'.

The characteristics of the wedding and, therefore, the time of it, will determine the guidelines for the correct choice of clothing.

The most important thing when choosing the style for a wedding or any other type of event that requires a certain etiquette is to dress in such a way that we feel faithful to our style and comfortable with ourselves, so we will avoid that feeling of being dressed up. After all, comfort is an essential quality of elegance.

Depending on which act, it is convenient to take into account different protocols. We are going to focus on the protocol for guests.

The first thing we have to take into account is whether the wedding to which we are invited is in the morning or in the afternoon, since it is essential to determine the type of style to choose.

1. Tomorrow's weddings

If the wedding is in the morning, even if it lasts until mid-afternoon, it is best to go short. This means that several options are allowed: a two-piece suit (jacket and skirt) or a midi or short dress. We can combine both options with a jacket or a coat depending on the time of year. If it is the case of a midi dress and also low-cut, it is recommended to choose to wear a shawl or shawl.

The clothing options for a daytime wedding admit color in the garments, as well as tone combinations between pieces, taking into account that the necklines must be discreet and the back must be covered.

Regarding accessories , you can wear a hat, headdress or pamela, but it must be taken into account that whatever you choose you must wear throughout the wedding, including the banquet. So if you're not sure if you're comfortable wearing a hat, for example, it's better not to wear anything or choose something small and discreet. Likewise, it is advisable to wear quality jewelery or costume jewellery, which give more or less formality to the style, although moderation in its use prevails. As for the bag, it must be a handbag, a wallet or a clutch .

As for footwear , shoes should preferably be thin and with a thin sole, always closed or slingbacks and with a medium-height heel, although flat shoes are allowed.

Here we leave you an ideal option to go to a wedding tomorrow: our Celia midi dress .


2. Evening weddings

If the wedding is in the evening there are two options: wear a cocktail dress or a long dress. It is always more advisable to opt for the cocktail dress, since the long dress is reserved for the bride, the bridesmaid and the bridesmaids (if any). To wear a long dress you must consult the bride, although today there is no problem, as long as it is long to the feet. Normally the dresses are usually made of natural silk, satin, crepe, lace or velvet. Inlaid stones or sequins are allowed, even in accessories.

The evening dress admits a neckline, straps and bare backs.

It should be taken into account that if the ceremony is religious you must cover yourself with a shawl.

The shoe on this occasion will be a medium or high heel, sandals or slingbacks.

Being at night, the jewels that are allowed can be more showy, although always with measure.

It is convenient to flee from black because it is associated with mourning, although today it can be used; and of course white or a palette of raw colors, which is the color reserved for the bride. However, you can wear a white blouse and a skirt or pants of another color, but never a total look . This type of suit admits a small hat, although it is better if we opt for a headdress.

For afternoon weddings we have the ideal dress: Patricia .


The jumpsuit and the two-piece suit (pants and jacket) are accepted as attire for both morning and evening weddings.

These would be the basic guidelines that must be taken into account when choosing the look for a wedding guest. By following these protocol recommendations, you will surely be able to dazzle and be the perfect guest at the next wedding you go to.

Once again, thanks to all our readers. See you next Tuesday.

Cheer up and happy week!


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