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Article: Perfect skin also in autumn

Perfect skin also in autumn

Hello everybody! Today we bring you a post about makeup. Winter is just around the corner, so we want to give you some tips so that your makeup is ideal for those cold days when you never feel like doing anything 😉


The first thing that we must emphasize is that our skin in winter looks much duller since melanin is not as stimulated as in the months of sun and good weather. In addition, cold air and temperatures can take a toll on our skin... How? Forming cracks and dryness. How can we combat this? We will need, first of all, a good cleaning and hydration (we will have to do it differently from the spring or summer months). We recommend products that contain vitamin C or powder makeup but that contain luminous pearls.

For example, we love the CLINIQUE Fresh Pressed that ultra-hydrates and illuminates your skin thanks to vitamin C.


MISTAKE: During these colder months , you should pay special attention to your skin . A mistake that many women make is to dry our face with a towel "roughly" and all you achieve is damage the elastin of your face.

SOLUTION: What you should do is treat it with care, so dry it by patting it with the towel

MISTAKE: Using a towel for the face and hands. What you are going to achieve with this is to contaminate your skin with the possible remains that may have remained on the towel, in addition to the fact that many times when we clean ourselves we can leave traces of makeup (for not having removed our make-up 100% well)… Be careful!

SOLUTION: Why don't you get several small towels? You can use one daily and at the end of the week wash them all. If not, use one for the hands and one for the face… Ah! And don't share it! 😉


One of the drawbacks of low temperatures is that the skin is much drier because the production of fat in the skin decreases and the water in the epidermis evaporates. The other day we read in an article in CLARA magazine that from the age of 25 you have to be especially careful with hydration . Not only do you have to hydrate on the outside but also on the inside. Remember to drink a lot of water from the moment you get up. It's a great habit that will help you with skin hydration during the colder months.

  • Your creams to test! What we recommend that you do is that you use a cream that contains much more oily textures. Do you want to continue using your usual cream or don't feel like buying a new one? Opt to add a boost of revitalizing and moisturizing ampoules.
  • TIP: The fact of using a spray or mist has worked super well for us. What they do is refresh and soothe the skin. We always put it in our bag and it's ideal for when you notice your skin is a little tighter than normal during the day... 1 spray and you'll be ready to continue your day with more hydrated skin 😉


This type of makeup is one of our favorites because it makes your skin look juicy thanks to its texture and illuminating ingredients.

A TRICK? What you should do is mix a few drops of liquid illuminator with the makeup base you have and use cream blush not only on the cheeks, also apply it on the lips and even give your look a more glowy touch by applying the blush on the eyelid superior. Do you want to try it?


We are big fans of fruit and vegetable smoothies. In the mornings, we usually wake up and prepare an energy shake . Another time that we love to drink this type of shake is after a good gym session. But, to what we are going, how can we have much brighter and more radiant skin but taking care of it from within?

  1. Prepare the smoothie 2-3 times a week
  2. As a base you should put oatmeal vegetable drink
  3. Ingredients to add: cucumber, apple, spinach and celery

We hope you liked our post of the week 😉

A hug,

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