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Today's post is loaded with information to help you be the perfect guest following this season's trends. We give you some advice so that in any special event, let's call it a wedding, baptism, communion or simply a party, do not go unnoticed, look perfect and be the star of the event.

In these celebrations there is a strict protocol that, today, we could say is no longer so strict... On some occasions, if it is considered that the moment deserves it, an exception can be made, breaking certain rules and crossing the lines red we all know. It is clear that times change and the rules of the protocol are also adapting. Although we are not going to deny that following the dress code guarantees you to be safe...

1.     Our first advice is to be faithful to your own style . Avoid an outfit with which you are going to be uncomfortable. Choose a look with which you feel beautiful, sure of yourself and at the same time comfortable. (We assure you that this combination is not so close). Remember that it is also essential to know your figure. Surely in your day to day you apply certain rules to see yourself better, because a wedding is not an excuse for not following those tips.

2. To choose the ideal dress, the first thing that comes to mind is knowing at what time of day the ceremony will take place and where it will be. But as we mentioned before, the rules of the game have changed and in daytime weddings you could go long and vice versa, that is, choose a short dress for the night.

3. One of the trends with which you will not go unnoticed and will be a sure hit is with a polka dot print . It is without a doubt a MUST this season. But not only in its original form, but also in a more creative way based on brushstrokes as in our Graziella set (blouse and skirt) .

4. One of the colors that triumphs this season is pink , which hits hard again in all its shades. It will be seen at events both day and night.

5. We have always mentioned “ the ideal dress ” but… Is it mandatory to wear a dress to a wedding? NO. In fact, jumpsuits are gaining ground in guest looks, especially at spring weddings when it's not too hot yet. In the middle of summer it would be a less advisable option.

We hope we have been able to help you and that at the next wedding you will wear a wonderful outfit. If you choose an #Alenia model, do not hesitate to send us your photo, we would love to see how you combine it.

A hug,


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