First of all, we would like to tell you that this is the last post… before the summer holidays!!! We are going to relax for a few days to return with our batteries charged and with much more content for you. After this brief paragraph… Let's begin!

Do you remember that feeling of feeling like a balloon?

You have bought a dress that you have not yet worn... you are reserving it for the wedding day in which you attend as a guest and... you want to be perfect. Some of you will go to the gym a few days before or plan to go on a diet so that the dress fits you like a glove… well, this should not be the case at all.

In today's post we want to share with you several tips or advice to prevent you from arriving at the wedding starving, wanting to eat everything there is, or simply arriving at the wedding and not feeling comfortable in your dress, because of the food during the event. These tips will help you feel much lighter, so that the dress doesn't squeeze you and that you continue to be the perfect guest you were at the beginning of the evening.

It is a reality, and our experience tells us so. Who does not arrive at dinner time absolutely full? Who feels like a balloon when it's time for the wedding dance? We want to avoid those situations!

Avoid binge eating: tip 1

Don't even think about, days before going to the wedding as a guest, going on a diet (for example intermittent diets or detox diets) because the only thing you are going to achieve is arrive at the wedding wanting to eat absolutely everything that be in the welcome catering.

If you want to be deflated, what you have to avoid is eating fast food, drinking alcohol, drinking carbonated drinks, or foods that cause bloating such as broccoli or lettuce. Failing that, what you should do is eat dishes rich in vegetables such as diuretics (asparagus, artichokes, cardoons…) + protein (for example, white meat) + good fats (like…..avocado, our favourite!)

The same day of the wedding, for breakfast, make a cleansing juice with pineapple, papaya or apple. Fresh and super healthy things for your body!

Avoid binge eating: tip 2

A rather big mistake that we have made (yes, we must admit it) is: On the same day that we have the wedding, we have breakfast as if there was no tomorrow. Most of the time, weddings are not in the same city where you live, for that reason, you have to travel and almost always, sleep in a hotel…..And what happens in hotels?…..There are buffets… ..and we are very tempted to take everything we see…because the buffet creates a somewhat negative psychological effect on you…has this happened to you?

How do we avoid it? First of all, get used to the idea that you have a wedding day ahead of you and what you are going to eat or drink could be quite a lot. At breakfast, we are not saying that you only eat one apple or that you eat all the pancakes, but that you should eat normal amounts for breakfast and if possible light foods (otherwise you will arrive at the wedding wanting to eat everything) to arrive calm and be able to enjoy the moment at ease

Avoid binge eating: tip 3

Ok, the time comes when the ceremony ends and the welcome catering takes place… waiters walk around the place with trays full of delicious delicacies and a wide variety of food. Our recommendation? Also, do not be self-conscious about not eating anything at all; try a bit of everything but, in a balanced way; think that afterwards a lunch or dinner of at least 3 courses awaits you (meat, fish and dessert)

Another recommendation is that you do not bloat yourself to drink alcohol... it is not good before lunch/dinner, it will make you bloat and it will take away your appetite. Why don't you opt for water or some juice? I know it sounds a bit boring but hey, later you will have your GIN-TONIC moment.

Something that happens very often is that the guests leave part of the food or dinner on the plate or sometimes they even do not eat it because they are full of drinks or food from the catering… A pity, right? ?

I hope this post has given you some idea of ​​how to avoid binge eating on a wedding day and thus be the perfect guest.

Feeling comfortable is the best way to have fun!