Hello everybody! How are you? We hope you have enjoyed the summer (as far as we have been able) and have been responsible.

It has been a very strange summer compared to what we are used to due to the situation we have been going through for half a year, the damn COVID. It seemed that we had won, that the new normality was more normal than novelty. But there is a tidal wave in the background... as if nothing quite fits, as if we were delusional for trying to eat up a world that is no longer what it was before, that doesn't know where it's going. An uncertainty that makes us dizzy.

In August everything stops, time takes on another magnitude to advance at a different speed. People go on vacation, or take advantage of their days off to spend time with the family, especially those who have not been able to spend the confinement together.

We are already with one foot in one of our favorite seasons, autumn. The little moments of relaxation on the beach, the dinners on the terraces, and the "with a little dress I'm already fixed" are over. The days will get shorter and shorter, the temperatures lower and lower and the return to routine is already here.

But actually fall isn't that bad either! It is a beautiful time for beginnings. To meet again, to meet with the best company to chat, laugh and enjoy together with a glass of wine, or even some take that little getaway that they have not been able to do all summer for various reasons.

For us, September is the true beginning of everything: the course, the season, the projects. In these months fear has been able to with everything, even with the celebrations of life. But we have to be prepared for whatever comes, because together we will be able to handle everything.

As we told you a few days ago on Instagram, we want to convey positivity to you and ask that we must continue to be aware of the situation we are in. That we support each other, because we are sure that good things will come very soon.

Now more than ever we must continue to be responsible so that all this ends as soon as possible, so that we can toast again. Because we will. Remember: 'In songs it's always summer'.

We leave you a phrase so that you start this month on the right foot and keep it in mind:

Have a happy return to the routine, see you in the next post.

A big hug!

Oh, and welcome, September.