Hello everybody! How are you? We are already entering the final stretch of August, and this means that something that many of us love is coming soon: CHANGE OF SEASON!

So today we bring you a post where we tell you 5 tips to have a perfect wardrobe and not waste money on things that you probably won't wear anymore or you just bought them because they're just right at this time of year.

Let's start!


This is something that many of us find difficult to be clear about or directly have not yet defined our own style. No problem! One way to find out? Think about the people who inspire you when it comes to dressing: influencers , an actress, a singer... or even a relative or friend. This does not mean that only and only you are going to wear the things that that person wears, but to obtain inspiration thanks to her and her way of dressing. Think about what she would wear and what she wouldn't.

For example: if one of your favorite influencers who follows a rather basic style, suddenly one day you see her wearing a garment that right now is super trendy and very striking, but you are not sure if you like it at all or if it is related to you. It does not mean that because that girl is wearing it and you feel that your style is similar to hers, you have to wear that garment too.

This way you save money and you also avoid having something in your closet that you will probably only wear once because you don't feel completely comfortable wearing it.

In short: try to define your style, so you know what you will like in the long term and not just at a certain time.


Eye! We are not saying with this that you go to a luxury store and buy everything there, we mean that if you buy the clothes or accessories that you consider a wardrobe staple, you will not have to worry about renewing them and you will save money long term.

For example: If you go to a fast fashion store (ZARA) to buy a pair of jeans for 30 euros, probably within two seasons you will have to change them because they will have worn out or the fabric has given of itself or has been damaged.

By this we mean that if we invest in jeans that are more expensive but of much better quality, in the long term we will be saving money.


When we see a garment that fascinates us and we love it, we think directly about buying it. STOP! When this happens to us (which is the most normal thing in the world when we go shopping, to be dazzled by a 'wonderful garment') we must reflect on whether we will really wear it and for this what we can do is think of 3 different looks that we can create with that garment and garments that we already have in our closet. Yes, as is, at that very moment before buying it.

For example: We have gone to Mango and we have seen a blouse with an ideal pattern that we do not have. Think: 'I would love to wear it with something white…some shorts for example, but I don't have any, what alternative would I have in my closet? white linen bermuda shorts, an Ibiza style skirt that my mother gave me for my birthday, and it would even look great with jeans!'

This way we will avoid buying a garment that we really would not know what to wear.

In this tip we are going to take advantage and we are going to show you one of our basics that you can buy on the web and that is 100% a wardrobe essential: our TOPS PAULA. Haven't you seen them yet? We show you both to combine on a day-to-day basis and for night looks!

We also leave you the link to the web so that you can take a look. Remember they are on sale!


The best option (from my own experience) is to invest in clothes that we consider 'closet background', and not in 'trending clothes'. These garments are considered as the new fashions that suddenly come out. We don't mean that we can't buy and risk trying something different, but think about it carefully: do you really like it or do you just want to wear it because it's in style right now? Do I need it 100% or do I want to buy it because it is a bargain on sales?

For example: This year the color lilac is very popular. Now suddenly I want 10 t-shirts/tops in that color, 5 skirts and 3 dresses. It is necessary?

Buy only one and see if you really like it and it is a garment that you can consider as a future 'closet fund' garment because you feel comfortable and confident wearing that color and it fits with your style.


You have been thinking about a garment that you would like to have for some time and you consider that it fits your style and that you can use it for various looks, you also know that it will be 100% wardrobe essential: Write it down!

For example: You need a basic black top because you are going to combine it with many clothes that you already have, such as jeans in your day-to-day life, black culottes for more dressed-up looks, or even to go to the beach!

So with this list, we go to the store and go directly to the 4 or 5 things that we need to continue making our perfect wardrobe.

And this would be all for today.

We hope these tips serve you and you can apply them.

We send you a huge kiss, see you in the next post.