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One more week we bring you a new entry to Alenia's blog, and this time about Christmas plans, the Christmas spirit is already fuller than ever...

The Alenia team loves Christmas, making different plans, getting together with family and friends, enjoying walking around the city with the lights on...

We thought that maybe you would like to know some different plans to do in the capital during this time.

Let's start!

Magical Christmas Torrejón

The Magical Christmases are back and they do so with the best and largest Christmas Park in Spain, which has become the leading Spanish tourist destination for the whole family.

Magical Christmas in Torrejón was renamed the Christmas Park and, as happened last year, it will not be free for all visitors, but it will be a very cheap plan.

They will once again have children's attractions, Christmas decorations, markets and shows such as the Magic Gate, the great sound and light show that once again returns exclusively to Christmas in Torrejón.

Christmas Design Market 2022 – 2023

The Design Market returns to Madrid , the most creative and fun market returns with the best emerging design so that this Christmas gifts are 100% special and exclusive.

It is currently the largest and most varied emerging design market in Spain.

With more than 50 editions behind it, it is also one of the most renowned contemporary design gatherings in Europe, with the largest number of events held and the largest exhibition area.

There is nothing more beautiful than creativity and sharing art with people


Cirque du Soleil 2022

The Circo del Sol lands again in Madrid from November 5 to January 22, 2023. It is called LUZIA and it will take you on a trip through an imaginary Mexico. Like all the Cirque de Soleil shows, it is an experience to live with the family.

In addition, this show incorporates a traditional circus discipline from China, the combination of hoop diving and two gigantic conveyor belts to generate speed.

The show, which is presented as a "feast for the senses" and an "explosion of light and rain" is fantastic to get you into a world of experiences and illusions with your family, there is nothing more special than making plans with people what do you want

We hope you like the plans that we propose in this post, as we have already told you, we love this time of year, and we really enjoy doing these types of activities that are so special and different from the rest of the year.

We hope and wish you a great week.

See you next week!

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