Very good girls! Welcome one more week to our Alenia blog, where we show you the best tips to always be the perfect guest at any event, party or celebration.

Today we want to show you how to combine one of our models from the new Abba collection , our Amanda set . Amanda is a unique model, because of its shape and its print, but, above all, because of its colors, colors that form a super original and different combination.

The set consists of a wrap blouse that is very comfortable to wear and an asymmetrical skirt . These two pieces allow a thousand combinations and you can get the most out of them both in your day-to-day life and for a specific date.

The looks that we will discuss below have been created by @elpercherodemaria , an Instagram account where you can find a wide variety of outfits , both from day to day and for dinners, events and other celebrations.

First of all, we show you an option from the Amanda set in which the skirt and blouse set is combined with a pale pink bag and headband and some purple pumps that add even more personality to the look. It is a perfect option for an event or celebration , because with this combination you will be the center of attention of all eyes.

Secondly, we show you an option in which the blouse from the Amanda set is combined with a red skirt with a matching bag and shoes and earrings in purple tones, matching the background color of our Amanda blouse. For us, this combination is a clear winner for any dinner or date night , because with it you will be elegant and explosive at the same time.

And if what you have is a meal or you have a weekend morning drink with your friends, we offer you these two options. The first option is made up of the skirt from the Amanda set combined with a purple bodysuit, a biker jacket in raw tones, a belt that provides that special touch and that will make your waist stand out more, and matching shoes and a bag in tones. purple.

The second option is made up of the blouse from the Amanda set, combined with a purple blazer and skirt set and some accessories in pale pink tones that provide that neutrality giving all the prominence to the blouse from the Amanda set . This look will allow you to go different and daring at the same time, a winning combination.

We hope you liked the looks that we have proposed with our Amanda outfit , and it still has an infinite number of other combinations ! Be brave, dare, risk and combine as you like, because the Amanda set is a wonderful option to let your imagination run wild and combine it in a thousand different ways.

Thank you for continuing to be part of the Alenia family.