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Article: How to combine velvet

How to combine velvet

Today on the blog we want to share with you some curiosities about velvet and how you can combine this elegant fabric in your day to day.

Velvet is versatile due to its elegance and at the same time comfort and that is why it has begun to be seen in stores and street style and it is a valid fabric for both day and night and that is why…We love it!

Although velvet can be worn on any occasion and at any time of the day, we must be careful in choosing which garment of this fabric we wear since we can see our body slightly modified. -Let's explain- When, for example, we choose velvet pants, this will be quite reluctant because it will give you more volume. In our opinion, if you wear a velvet body, top or blouse, it will work much better for you to combine with your perfect guest look.

Do you want to know a curious tip that always works for us? Combine velvet with other fabrics and leave the total velvet a little more aside. when you take a picture 📸 , velvet sucks light and really when you see the picture, you are not seeing the actual color. If you combine your look with other fabrics, your photo for Instagram will be perfect 😊

How to combine velvet

Velvet, in our opinion, can be combined with all kinds of garments. We love combining it with jeans and chiffon. The best thing is to take advantage of the fact that the fabric is very elegant and sophisticated, to break the look with other slightly more casual or basic fabrics. For example, if you wear a black velvet dress, choose to combine it with a trench coat, in this way, you will make a contrast between the shiny and the matte and you will get a perfect guest look.

What do we like to combine with velvet the most?

  • A velvet skirt: This option can be fantastic to be combined with a turtleneck sweater or a super tight blouse. In our opinion, for the season we are in, do not combine thick stockings with velvet, choose a little thinner ones, so that some leg can be seen 😉
  • Velvet dresses: We do not recommend combining it with sequins or other material that has shine. As we have mentioned before, choose the mates so as not to exaggerate and not look like a Christmas tree.
  • A velvet blouse: blouses are usually a little wide, so we recommend combining them with executive pants that are a little tighter at the waist or, failing that, palazzo pants... They are ideal and also very trendy!
  • A velvet blazer: We really love it…because you can combine it with jeans and sneakers and give it a super informal touch or, on the contrary, with black leggings, a blouse and heels to go to an event…Tooouché!

Eloise Dress and Uniqlo Trench Coat
Eloise Dress and Uniqlo Trench Coat
Amélie velvet skirt
Amélie velvet skirt

Tricks to clean velvet

Normally, we find that you often do not know how to properly clean your velvet garments. Special attention must be paid to it when maintaining it, but it is very, very easy.

The first thing you should always do is read the label, at ALENIA we always tell you in the product information box how you should clean it correctly ( SEE HERE ).

If the label tells you that you can wash it in the washing machine, DO NOT DO IT WITH HOT WATER . On the contrary, choose a soft program so as not to damage the material, that it does not spin and, above all, that it is cold. Do you prefer to wash it by hand? Perfect! make sure you use a special detergent for delicate garments, wash with cold water or at most lukewarm.

Velvet garments should NEVER be put in the dryer as they may shrink. And what can you do to remove wrinkles? To remove them, you can apply steam but always upside down and about 15-20cm away from the garment.

If you want to clean a stain, you can prepare a mixture of water and medicine cabinet alcohol (always works quite well) then wet a sponge without soaking it too much and wipe it, without pressing too hard, across the stain following the direction of the damaged or stained fabric.

You can also mix detergent for delicate clothes with water, dip a handkerchief or rag in this combination and pass it, without rubbing, over the stain. Another option is to leave talcum powder on the affected area for a few hours and when it dries, remove it with a mixture of soap and water.

But, girls, if you want to feel 100% sure that nothing is going to happen to your velvet garment, you should opt for the dry cleaning option, which is not as cheap as doing it at home but you will know that it will look like new 😊

We hope our tips have helped you a lot girls!

See you next week


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