Hello girls! How are you doing this week? We are fully preparing a lot of news for this month of December.

As you all know our lives have changed a lot in the last year and fashion as we know it has also changed with it.

Who was going to tell us that we were going to have to add a new complement to our looks. Yes, we are talking about masks! So loved and hated at the same time.

We know that its use is mandatory, but who says that we cannot give it a touch of glamour, joy or color while protecting ourselves?

That is why we want to give you ideas on how to combine our beautiful masks, always approved and reusable, with your daily looks.


Our Adriana mask is super versatile as it combines blue, yellow and white tones. You can make the perfect combination with a basic jean, a white shirt and some sports shoes in nude tones.


Our Elena mask in red, white and green tones is perfect to complete a look in nude tones. A green sweater, beige pleated pants and ankle boots of the same color make for a very autumnal outfit.


Our Colorines masks live up to its name, a combination of different shades such as black, red, white, blue or orange, make it the most combinable of the entire collection. Here we suggest you do it with black suit pants, a red turtleneck sweater and black ankle boots. Perfect for day to day.


Our Graziella mask always looks great. A perfect look for us would be dark jeans, a striped poplin shirt and white ankle boots. Casual and discreet.

We hope that our proposals are useful to you and remind you that you can buy them individually or in a pack of 3, YOU CHOOSE!

SINGLE: €11.95

PACK 3: €31.90

Thank you and see you soon!