Hello girls!

How are you?

Today we are talking about colors in fashion, we have been able to verify that the trend colors of this season come to bring joy to our wardrobes, in Alenia we cannot be happier, since we finally see the light when it comes to wanting to get ready. , and we are recapturing the joy of dressing.

As you know, in Alenia colors and patterns drive us crazy, besides having fun with fashion is what makes us happy, we leave behind the comfy style, which we have all enjoyed a lot, but finally we return to the street wanting to meet our friends again and relatives.

The first and one of our favourites, the color red , we have had it very present on the catwalk of the fashion week, many firms have coincided in raising this tone as the first of the trend colors of the season.

Another color is pink , this autumn the pink versions are softer, although fuchsia has won the game. The most vibrant and saturated version of pink has been combined with black in fashion week proposals, and even the most daring firms have combined the color with red... and we already know the saying, although we confess to you, that the team at Alenia , we love that color combination.

Silver tones fascinate us, they have appeared everywhere in this season's proposals. They say that silver is "the color of speed, money and the moon" , concepts that, although they seem disparate, link it to a feeling of optimism.

Dresses, two pieces, bags, shoes, jewelry... everything in silver and shiny tones is valid


We bet on this trend even for our day to day.

And finally, after these daring colors, let's go to the neutral tones , a very wide family of colors, but we can highlight only a few that will be the most viral this season.

Pearl grey, off-white and ecru, beige and some shades of camel are the selected colours, soft colors linked to elegance, but also to well-being and comfort.

What do you think of the colors of this season? Do you already have something of these shades?

Years ago, silver tones were trends, surely if you search your closet you will find clothes that you had forgotten and that now you can create a very cool look with them.

We hope you really liked today's post.

We send you a hug