Hello one more week!

Although this one has something a bit different, we are already in 2021! Yes, we have finally said goodbye to this complicated year 2020 and with it we have to say "hello" to a lot of new things.

First week of January and you still don't know what the trending colors will be in fashion this new year? Well, don't worry, in this article we are going to tell you what they are so that you can incorporate them in a creative and personalized way in each of your outfits.

We start:


Yes girls, yellow will be the star color of this year 2021, a yellow especially in medium tones, like the Banquet tone (034-07) quite intense and very strong. It will be perfect for times like spring and summer.


This year, blue will predominate in our wardrobes in all kinds of shades, from darker blues to other more pastel shades or even with light touches of green. But without a doubt, if we have to name one, it would be cobalt blue.


It seems that it had never left, but over the next few months we will be able to see how those earthy colors return to take us back to nature itself. From the darkest browns to green in all its shades. We can combine them with colors like orange, yellow or even nude tones.


Yes girls, the color that transmits the most femininity returns to our lives, we are talking about pink. But we are not talking about a specific pink, we want to cover much more and go from a vibrant fuchsia with a lot of energy to a much softer and more delicate pastel pink. You choose the one that best suits you.

So far our recommendations for the colors that will be a trend in this new year 2021. We hope they will help you when creating your outfits and you can always be up to date.

Until next time!