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Article: 4 hairstyles to be the perfect guest

4 hairstyles to be the perfect guest

Hello Girls!

Welcome one more week to the Alenia Blog !

Hairstyles for a wedding are usually the biggest last-minute problem suffered by all the guests, in general, we end up doing a simple hairstyle for fear of leaving our comfort zone.

Weddings are occasions to dazzle with your style, so it is worth spending the same time on your hairstyle as on finding your look . However, it is essential to be true to yourself, you must choose a hairstyle that is in tune with your style and personality.

Trends in the world of fashion change every year, and hairstyles are one of them. Sometimes it is not so easy to keep up with all the trends, so today we bring you 4 hairstyles to be the perfect guest . These hairstyles are classic but elegant, which ensures you a perfect look and most importantly: they will not go out of style!

  1. Low ponytail parted in the middle

A low ponytail with loose strands and highly polished is a simple but always flawless hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings because it looks elegant and does not require much time to do . In fact, you can do it yourself at home without going to the hairdresser.

All you have to do is pick up your hair at the nape of the neck, choose a barrette to match your look and secure it with bobby pins and a touch of hairspray. The trick? Leave a couple of strands loose at the front to delicately frame your face.

This type of hairstyle combines perfectly with garments such as the Midi-Lisa Dress or the Midi-Celia Dress.

2. Loose hair with waves

If you are one of those who does not feel comfortable with your hair up, don't worry, a well-groomed loose hair is elegant at any type of event. It is a natural, long-lasting hairstyle that suits both long hair and medium bobs . But to pull it off successfully at a wedding, you need to master the two secrets that elevate this hairstyle to the altars of style.

The first is to curl your hair below eye level for an elegant 1930s look. You can do them at home, without forgetting to brush the hair when you finish for a natural result.

The second secret is to decorate your hair with a special accessory. Choose a jeweled headband or rhinestone hairpins , and you will add a touch of haute couture fashion that will capture all eyes.

These types of hairstyles are perfect for the Midi Dress – Samantha or the Midi Dress – Judith

3. Updo with braids

Of all the hairstyles for weddings, those collected with braids are the romantic option par excellence. They also combine perfectly with the Halter necks , it will combine perfectly with the Midi-Lucía Dress or the Emma Set

They add sweetness to any look, but the beauty of braids is that they are so versatile that they adapt to all styles. From a carefree herringbone braid , perfect for a spring wedding; even a sophisticated headband braid , which will make you look like a real royal.

4. Loose hair with Maxi headband

One of the big trends in recent years has been the resurgence of Maxi headbands .

Nothing goes better with a simple hairstyle than a good headband. Leave your hair loose (you can wear it in its natural form, although we recommend simple waves ) and put on a maxi headband. Bet on intense tones now that we are in summer and look for an XXL headband that has many colored stones . The jewel headband elevates your hairstyle to another level and makes your look an absolute perfect guest.

This hairstyle combines perfectly with the Midi Dress - Aroa .

If so or not, we would love to know your opinion, in this way and by sharing tips with each other we can learn many other ways and means to complete our looks.

We remind you that you can always come to visit us at our telier by appointment , both in Madrid and in Coruña, we will be happy to show you our most exclusive designs, we also have a selection of garments with special promotions that go up to -30%.

We wait for you!

Thank you very much for reading us!

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