Many times, depending on the accessories we choose to create our perfect guest look, we are not aware that we can add a "grotesque" air to our look if we go overboard with the size or shape of the accessory. What kind of accessories should we choose to dress correctly?

The trick is to find a balance in the scale of "perfect guest"... knowing that you have to stand out but without attracting attention and you must show personality through your dress but without falling into excess . Also be careful not to look like a Christmas tree!

A little lost? We help you find the delicate, feminine and simple accessories that will perfectly complement your perfect guest dress.

Jewelry, something essential in your perfect guest look

We have recently discovered a jewelery brand that we have fallen in love with: Pdpaola , we like it a lot because when you wear its jewelery you feel that you carry your identity with it and that is what we love... at Alenia we faithfully believe that the dress should be an extension of you, it should reflect your personality and you should feel comfortable wearing it.

How many times have we asked a friend or relative for a dress to go to a wedding? How many of those times did it fit you perfectly? In the end, when you are not wearing something that suits your taste 100% and that you feel as yours, it can cause you discomfort.


What has caught our attention the most have been the Señorita earrings that combine perfectly with our DONATELLA YELLOW dress. We recommend wearing this type of earrings with your hair loose and if you are going to wear an accessory in your hair, forget about wearing hoops, opt for much simpler earrings such as brilliant solitaires or you can also complement your look with a delicate pendant.

For our GIULIA BROWN dress we have found the perfect combination with LAVANI ring+earrings . On the one hand, the ring is made of bronze and with a 24K gold bath, it is also adorned with 3 blue central stones. On the other hand, the earrings are made of 925 silver and bathed in two microns of 24K gold, in addition the front is decorated with zircons and blue and white topazes.

What we like most about this collection is that both the ring and the earrings are ideal for going to a wedding as a guest, but you can also use them during your day to day. How many of you have bought earrings or rings that are already collecting dust? We cannot use many of them because they are too "on" but with this combination that we propose... you will not be able to say no!

What do you think about combining our GIULIA dress with accessories in gold and bluish tones?

Thanks for reading us one more day!

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