Perfect guest outfits

Welcome to the Paris collection.
This collection is inspired by Paris and based on versaility. Each garmet represents a different women - all of them with their own secret allowing you to be the protagonist of your own story.
This collection aims to offer you comfort during the day, and eleganse during the night. You can wear our garments to weddings and special occasions such as Christmas or New Years Eve functions, or simply to be at the office or at dinner with your friends.
We have created this collection for women that are looking for something different and unique. All out garments are made with your confort in mind, thats why they adapt to all types of bodies and can easily be combined with other ítems.

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Guest Looks

We have short and long dresses, pants, tops and very elegant accessories for any event day or night.
Are you ready to live the adventure of Alenia? Our elegant looks for ceremonias or parties will take your breath away.

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